Plantation/yam/beans (Chicken stew topping)


I boiled beans with plantain, yam, pepper, salt, basil leaves(optional) all together in one pot. I put the stove on medium low and let them slowly cook together. For better taste, I added some ghee as well which is optional. After a cup of minutes I fried oil with some onions and threw it into the mixture and voila.

As for the Chicken stew : I made the stew with tomato paste and onions. I boiled chicken with maggi, garlic , ginger & fried it till brown. I then poured the chicken into the cooked stew and let it simmer together.

I served it all together once the meal was ready to go.



Beans (Desi Chori brand)



Maggi cubes

Tomato paste

Basil leaves

Ghee (Optional)

Cooking oil




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