Efo Riro 🇳🇬




Palm oil





Boil Chicken Gizzards with all your spices & salt.  Fry onions and tomato paste with palm oil till it thickens up. Add some stock cube with salt, ground crayfish and let it all cook together. Stir it occasionally to avoid it burning.  Add your assorted meat to the mix, I like gizzards so I use that but its a personal preference. Add some water and give it time to simmer down. After a couple of minutes then add your spinach according to the size of your meat. You want to avoid having too much meat and less spinach or too much spinach and less meat. Once everything is mixed together, continue stirring. Give it a few minutes to simmer down then serve your dish.

Side note: For the vegetables, you can always substitute spinach with something else depending on preference.

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