Chicken Stew 🇬🇭



Maggi cubes

African chicken

Cooking oil

Tomato Paste


Green pepper


Parsley leaves

Pepper of any kind


1. Boil African chicken (2 hrs tops till the chicken softens) with water, Maggi, ginger garlic paste, pepper and cut a half onion in there.

2. Pour any cooking oil in the opposite pot on a medium heat

3. Cut either a red or white onion in the oil and cook till it turns brownish color.

4. Blend tomato paste with a half green pepper with parsley leaves in the blender.

5. Pour the mixture with the brownish onions and let it cook till the oil is on top. You can add salt to it then or add Maggi then. Add a little bit of water to mixture while it cooks to create a more subtle mixture.

6. Once the mixture is good to go then pour it into the chicken in the other pot and let it cook together. Add just a little bit of water to the mix and let it cook on medium low.

7. You’ll know it’s full cooked again when the oil is on top of the mix. Enjoy 🙏🏽🙏🏽

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