Suya 🇳🇬




Red Pepper

1 tea spoon full of oil

Ground pepper

Green pepper



Suya spice


  • I bought packets of beef from the store. I made sure the beef was a thin layer easy to cook first. The reason why I want it as a thin layer is because thick layers take longer and are harder to cook.  If its thick, feel free to slice it to your liking. I marinated it with ginger, garlic, berbere sauce and suya spice with a few teaspoons of olive oil smeared on the top. I placed it on chop sticks and placed it in the oven. I put on the oven on medium and kept on checking and turning the meat.
  • I then took it out and removed the chop sticks. I poured the suya spice on top and cut onions, green pepper, red pepper on top. I then served it.

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