Skuma Wiki 🇰🇪


Collard greens

Choice of meat (beef)

Cooking oil


Green pepper

Basil leaves                                                                                                                                                                                      DIRECTIONS                                                                                                                                       Add oil to a pot and put it on medium low. Cut onions to your preference and add pour them into the oil once the oil is ready. You can cook the onions to your choice as long you dont burn it. Cut some diced tomatoes as small as you can so that they can cook faster. You can always blend the tomatoes as well to speed up the process. Pour the diced tomatoes/paste into the the mix of oil and brown onions. Let it cook together until the oil is on top and the tomatoes is sitting at the bottom. Add collards greens and diced green pepper(optional). I cook green pepper in almost all my dishes. Make sure the green pepper is small enough to blend into the collard greens with no hesitation. Let the skuma wiki (collard greens) cook for 5-7 more minutes with salt, garlic and basil leaves on Medium Low. Once its ready then serve it.                                                                                                                            Sidenote: I added kale to mines to hide the collard greens smell. Collard greens usually have a crunchy feeling to it. You can cook for like 1 more minute to get rid of the crunch-ness. No need to add water because the greens already have their own natural juices.

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