Sambusa 🇮🇳


Roti or Samosa Pastry Sheets

Cooking oil

Ground beef


Green pepper

Spicy pepper



First and foremost decide if you would like to make your own samosa sheets or if you would rather buy them. I always buy mines to save time. You can buy the pastry sheets or even soft uncooked roti from any Indian store. I start off by  de-freezing my ground beef and putting it in a pot with water. Let it boil slightly then pour oil. Once the meat starts turning brown or whatever color you choose then you cut onions,carrots and green pepper into very little pieces to blend easily with the meat when it’s cooking. You pour your spices in the mix as well. Once the meat is fully cooked to your choice, turn off the stove.  Grab any bag of flour, take a few tea spoons and pour them into a new bowl.  Add some hot water into the bowl enough to create a sticky mixture. This mixture is important because its what will determine if your samosas will stick or not. Get your pastry sheets or uncooked roti, cut it in the middle and create a triangular figure with your hands. Get a few teaspoon fulls of the ground beef we cooked earlier and pour it into the triangular figure and seal the ends with the sticky flour mixture using your hands.  Do it until you have no more meat or flour and then lastly fry them. Fry them to your choice.

   Side note: You can put whatever in your samosas as long as you keep the sizes small enough to fit into a triangular form without crushing it.

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