Pounded Yam w/ Egusi 🇳🇬


Pounded Yam (Ola Ola Flour )



Red Green pepper

Melon seeds

Palm oil

Shrimp & Beef cubes (optional meat choice)



Maggi cubes


  • I cut up some onions, maggi cubes, red pepper, garlic and threw it in a blender with Salsa. I let it blend evenly. I pour palm oil into a cooking pot. I watch as the palm oil oil warms up and I add the blended salsa mix. I let it cook together till the oil is on top and the stew like tomatoes are at the bottom.  I grab a bowl with powdery melon seeds and dice some square like onions into it. I mix the onions in the Egusi and I add water. I make this thick like paste of Egusi. The goal is to not have it too watery or too thick either. I add that “paste” into the pot of stew. I toss and turn it while on medium low. I give it time as the melon seeds starts slowing all the oil. I then added my goat meat and spices here with salt. I toss and turned the pot. I then sprinkled some water into the Egusi and goat meat.  I let it simmer for a little bit and I add spinach. I toss and turn for a little bit and then added fried shrimp. I now pour some water into the pot to my choice and let it boil till ready.
  • I put a pot of water on the stove on medium high till it starts boiling. As soon as it starts boiling then I take tons of water from the pot and set it aside. I put the stove on medium low. I measure my pounded yam flour (Ola Ola) and add it to the water. I mingle the flour with water and add more water as I go. The goal is to have the fufu full cooked and not watery either. The more you practice, the better you get at your measurements.
  • I then serve my Pounded yam with party Egusi.
  •                     Sidenote: I couldn’t find ground crayfish and uziza seeds in time so I went without it. 

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