Jollof πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬



Jasmine Rice

Cooking oil

Shrimp (Any choice of meat) (Optional)

Plantain (Optional)



Green pepper


Mixed Veggies (Optional)

Cumming powder

Pilau Masala


Clean the white rice in a bowl of water. Cut onions, green pepper, tomatoes, garlic, cumming powder, tomato paste, cilantro, maggi cubes, into a blender (optional to speed up the cooking process). Grind the ingredients to get an even texture. Pour cooking oil in the soup pan and wait till its hot. Once it’s hot then pour the blended mixture into the cooking oil. Let it cook till the oil is on top then pour the rice in and mix it. Measure your cups of water to the size of the rice to make sure you aren’t making watering rice. Pour the water into the mix and put the stove on medium low. Make sure to stay close so you can turn the rice whenever the water dries. I wait till my rice is halfway done before I add the mixed veggies and meat (optional) just because I like my meat, shrimp and veggies a little extra fresh and crunch-ish. I wash a polythene bag with water only* and use it to cover my rice while it cooks. I turn the stove on LOW now and let the rice slowly cook. No more adding water unless its very necessary. The trick to knowing how much is enough is by testing the rice and measuring it in a cup as you pour. The polythene bag will help the rice dry hence the evaporated water going back in meaning we need less water. You wait a couple of minutes then Viola Jollof is served.

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