Peas + Chicken Stew 🇷🇼


African chicken


Green pepper




I usually use African chicken to make stew just because of the taste of it, the skin is raw and it takes forever to boil which is good and bad. I boil my chicken with all the spices from garlic, finger, maggi, cilantro, salt, curry powder, spicy leaves. Two  plus hours later, the African chicken should be ready. Now you get to decide if you want your chicken deep fried or not? East African stew or West African stew? East African stew starts with the meat then onions while west is the opposite; onions first.  For this recipe, I went West African. I cut onions, poured it into the cooking oil till it turned brown. I poured tomato paste with green pepper in a blender and mashed into an even mixture. I poured the mixture into my fried brown onions while on the stove. I let it cook again till the oil was on top. I poured green peas into the mix and let it cook enough to get the same taste as the rest of the stew. I added the recently boiled chicken in and poured some water in it. I left it on low level while it all slow cooked on the stove. Once you feel like its ready then you serve it.

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