Party Pilau 🇺🇬






Cooking oil

Jasmine rice


Green pepper

Tomato paste


The process of making pilau is similar to that of jollof. I usually clean my rice first and foremost. I peel my potatoes and cut each into 4 even pieces.  I cut my onions and cut my cilantro, green pepper and tomato paste in a blender. I pour cooking oil in a pot and turn on the stove. I let it warm up then i put my potatoes into the oil, turn it left and right till it gets a grip of the oil without burning. I put the onions in there. I let the onions turn brown a little then i pour my blended mix of tomatoes, green pepper, cilantro, maggi and garlic in the pot. I put the stove on medium low and wait for my stew to cook. You’ll know its full cooked when the oil is on top and the mix is at the bottom.  At that point you’ll pour water (measured according to the size of your rice) into the mix and let it boil. Once it’s fully cooked then pour the rice in there and close it. Pilau gets tricky at this point cos the water will continue to dry and the bottom might burn if you’re not careful. Tossing and turning is a must. Do not pour water but mostly sprinkle it on the rice once it looks dry. We  don’t want rice water. Wash a polythene bag and use it to cover the rice while its almost close to being done cooking. The bag traps the water that evaporates back into the rice hence helping it dry properly.     I serve it with boiled eggs around and cut avocados too.

Side note: Water and the stove heat on your rice at a time is your biggest challenge in this process.

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