Omo Tuo 🇬🇭


Plastic wrap

Jasmine rice + Water

Stew (Optional)

African chicken

Egg plant



Cooking Oil

Green pepper                                                                                                                                               


  • I started off by washing my jasmine rice and pouring it into pot. I add water enough to cook it on the stove on medium low. Once its fully cooked, I added more water to make it more softer and fluffier enough to mash. I then used Kimamio (wodden spoon) to mash it  like fufu. I then scooped it with a bowl and placed it on my plastic wrap. I went ahead and wrapped the wrap around to create a circular form. And voila thats your Omo Tuo.
  • I boiled chicken with garlic, ginger, maggi cubes and cilantro. Once it was soft and everything blended in then I added oil to it. I turned the chicken till it caught some color. I cut onions next and threw it in the pot. I then blended egg plant with salsa to create some type of tomato-looking paste. I then poured the blender contents into the pot. I put the stove on medium low and let it cook slowly. Once the oil is settled on the top and the tomatoes are at the bottom then you know the food is almost ready. I mix the meats properly into the stew before serving it and Voila.
  • I removed one of the rice balls from the wrap and placed one into a bowl of my stew.

    Side note: Any type of soup with Omo Tuo will go. Ghanians usually prefer to eat it with palmnut soup.


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