Imiteja na Carrot 🇷🇼


Green beans




Cooking Oil

Green pepper


Clean the carrots and peel the outside part off. Cut the carrots in a round shape.  Wash the green beans and cut the ends and side corners off.  Cut onions,  tomatoes and green pepper. Pour cooking oil into a pot, wait till it’s hot and pour the cut onions. Let the onions turn brown. Blend the tomatoes with green pepper for an even texture. Pour that even texture in the brown fried onions while on the stove. Put the green beans and roundly cut carrots in the mix and let it cook on low till ready then Viola.

Imiteja na Carrot is a traditional Rwandese dish usually ate with white rice.

  Disclaimer : Limit how much tomatoes you use, we aren’t trying to make stew*

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