Iftar Dinner 🇺🇬🇷🇼🇨🇩


Jasmine rice

Cooking oil

Chili powder

Olive oil




Maggi cubes




Green pepper


Potato                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           DIRECTIONS                                                                                                                                                        Saute :  I peeled potatoes and split them into 2 pieces.  I boiled the potatoes with water, salt & chili powder. Once they slightly soften then I poured oil into a frying pan. Once the oil was warm then I threw the potatoes into the oil. Once they turned brown ish then I served them as desert.                                                 Rice: I measured and washed the rice. I placed the cleaned rice into the rice cooker, measured the water and sprinkled some oil with salt on top.  The rice cooker notifies you once the rice is ready.                                 Fish stew: I cleaned the fish and fried it. I then cut some onions, ground garlic, cilantro, some tomatoes w/ green pepper into a blender. I warmed up some oil on the stove, dumped everything in and closed the lid. I put the stove on medium low and let everything cook till the oil is floating on the top. I then added some water and let it boil some more. Once the soup was thick to my satisfaction then i placed the fried fish in. I let it cook shortly till the fish caught the taste. I then served the fish stew.                                                   Salad: I boiled some water, took it off the stove and cut onions into the water. The goal was to get the onion taste out of the onions. I cut some cabbage into the thinnest strands that I could.  I cut some tomatoes into little dice sizes. I mixed the cut tomatoes into the cabbage. I took the onions out of the warm water, squeezed it and added it to the cabbage. I crashed some maggi into the mix and sprinkled some olive oil into the bowl. I sprinkled some lemon on top and mixed everything with a spoon. I boiled some eggs , cut them in half and used them to decorate the salad.

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