GreenGram stew/ Rice🇷🇼🇺🇬


Mung beans

Cooking oil



Green pepper

Jasmine rice



Ghee butter                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 DIRECTIONS                                                                                                                                                                 I cleaned and placed green grams into a pot of water with ghee, ginger garlic paste and salt. I put the pot on medium heat stove and let it cook.  I will know the green gram by the size doubling and the grams softening. I will then turn off that stove. I cleaned jasmine rice in a bowl. I placed the rice in a rice cooker with ghee and salt. I measured the water correctly. Once the rice was ready, I turned off the rice cooker.   I sliced onions, green pepper, sprinkled some chili powder in and added salsa to a blender. I blended till an even mixture.  I poured cooking oil into pot, turned on the stove and waited till the oil was warm. I poured my even blender mixture into the oil  with a few teaspoonfuls of ginger garlic paste. I let it cook till the oil was floating on top. I then turn off the stove, take the warm stew and pour it into the cooking pot of boiled green gram. I put the stove on low. I let the mix become one with the green gram. I then serve dinner of green gram and rice.

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