Gizzardicious Shrimp 🇺🇸





Cooking oil

Red pepper



The fastest easiest way to make this is literally boiling the shrimp and gizzard separate with all the spices you want. Make sure you don’t over boil the shrimp because you still have to fry it. The maximum cook time could be 5 mins or else depending on your stove, pot and size.  The gizzards needs to be cooked till its soft so that its not crunchy crunchy. Fry them separately obviously so that one or the other doesn’t get burnt. Once they are full fried to your choice, put them in a pot together with oil. Let the oil warm up and cut round onions into the mix. Turn the onions in and out for literally one minute maximum. We just want the onions to acquire the taste but not to over soften up with the mix. We still want them crunchy-ish. I usually serve it and sprinkle some lemon on top.

Side note: Make sure you’re tasting the salt and oil with every turn so you don’t overdo it at the end.

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