Fumbwa 🇨🇩



Palm oil

Peanut butter

Tomatoes (paste)


Green Pepper




Beef (optional choice of meat)


I literally made Fumbwa using the “Cassava leaves making” process. I cut up green pepper, garlic, maggi, ginger,  scallions, cilantro, zucchini, tomatoes, onions and threw them in a blender. I let the blender chop them up into an even layer. I poured this mix into a pot. I cut spinach and added it to the mix. I added water to a decent size. I then added peanut butter and palm oil. I put the stove on medium low and watched as the dish cooked itself.  A couple of minutes later dinner was served.

Side note: You could blend or cut and drop your ingredients into the pot. I just use the blender to be faster.

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