Fried Rice 🇨🇳



Jasmine rice

Cooking oil




  • I poured rice into the rice cooker. I measured the water, threw in a little ghee, some salt and let it cook. I didn’t use oil because I was planning on cooking my rice after. Once the rice was ready then I started the frying process. I diced my onions in very small sizes and used white onions to hide the look within the finished product.  I poured oil into the cooking pot till warm. I then added my diced onions to the mix. I then added maggi cubes as a substitute for salt. Once the onions started softening up then I added the cooked rice to the mix. I tossed and turned the rice. I then broke some eggs into the mix. I tossed and turned the rice while on medium low till it turned a decent brown. I then served it for lunch.

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