Cabbage w/ Peanut 🇷🇼




Peanut butter


Green Pepper


Peel the spoiled outside of the cabbage and cut it into as much thin strands. Pour oil into a pot and wait for it to warm up for 30 seconds then put in the cabbage. The reason we don’t wait for it to be very warm is so the cabbage doesn’t burn. You let the cabbage absorb the oil then you cut onions and pour them in too.  You cook it on medium low heat to avoid burning.  Cut tomatoes and green pepper so small that they’re easy to turn into stew.  Once the tomatoes are fully cooked then pour  peanut butter or pounded peanuts  into the mix. Pour water, sprinkle some salt  into the mix and let it all cook together.  After a couple of minutes then serve it.

Side note : Anything that has peanuts in it can burn easily so a constant watch is necessary.

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