Asun 🇳🇬


Goat meat

Cooking oil


Red pepper

Crushed Red Pepper

Maggi Cubes

Ginger & Garlic

Ground Cilantro


  • My Asun might be a little adjusted since I didn’t have a griller. I compensated by using one of my pots and a dash of ghee for the hidden scent. I boiled my meat with maggi cubes, crushed red pepper and some grounded cilantro. I then added a spoon of ghee and let it boil. Once the water was dry, I waited for the pot to completely dry. I did all this on medium high heat and low for the pot drying. Once the pot dried then I poured cooking oil into the pot and put the meat on medium low. The goal is for the meat to fry without burning because putting it on the highest heat will require constant supervision.  I started cutting some red pepper and onions to add to the mix. Once the meat turned brown then I poured the onions, ginger garlic paste and red pepper into the pot. I tossed and turned the pot for a few minutes. I then turned off the stove and served the meal. 

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