African Salad 🇷🇼




2 tea spoons of oil

3 tea spoons of Mayo

Red Onions

Hot boiled water


Peel the outside pieces off the cabbage and throw them away.  Cut the cabbage into thin pieces.  Cut the onions big and round and dip it into hot water. The reason of dipping it into hot water is to get rid of the sour taste. Cut the tomatoes  round and add them to cabbage. Put Maggi or salt in the mix and squeeze lemon into the cabbage.  Sprinkle a little bit of oil into the mix and mix it all together using a spoon or your hand.   Add mayo and Viola, your salad is ready !!!

This type of Salad is usually ate with pilau “(jollof)” or “Invange”.

 Disclaimer: Taste your salad as you add ingredients to make sure your ingredients aren’t too much or too little.

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