Spaghetti (Limone) 🇨🇳


”Quantity to your liking”

Beef /Steak /Red meat of choice
Bell pepper
Cooking oil of choice
Cilantro leaves
Maggi cubes
Salt to your taste
Water for boiling.


Boil the cut beef with water, cilantro leaves, maggi and garlic. Once the water dries, pour oil into the pot. Let the meat fry till it’s brownish or according to your preference. Cut onions and green peppers big and round. Splash a little bit of lemon in it. Let the onions catch a little bit of oil, soften just a little.

Break the thin spaghetti into pot with as little water as possible. We want the spaghetti to soften up but not to over-soften because we have to fry it later. Once the water dries, pour oil into the spaghetti. Crack eggs in a bowl, dash salt in and mix them using a fork. Pour the eggs into the spaghetti & let it cook together.

Lastly pour the beef mix into the spaghetti and mix them up together then cut avocados around it, then boom viola.

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